REZON Translation and Legalization Center was licensed by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in 1991.


In 1991 the Bulgarian Translators Union was the only organization licensed to produce translations. It is located at 16 Graf Ignatiev St., Sofia.

As luck would have it, two college friends noticed the market opportunity and leased an office at 14 Graf Ignatiev St..

The location of the office and the large billboard outside lured the first customers in. Word of mouth brought the next and so on for over 23 years.

If you are surfing our site from the comfort of your home, you may find this funny, but back then one of the competitive advantages of this start-up company was … the fact that we were using computers and printers instead of typewriters.

REZON TRANSLATION CENTER EOOD managed to convince many career translators to start using PCs. Having been introduced this technology, they never went back to their typewriters.

Over the years several new offices of REZON TRANSLATION CENTER EOOD have opened for business:

Since it was established 23 years ago, REZON TRANSLATION CENTER EOOD has produced over 800 000 pages of translated material.

Over the years REZON TRANSLATION CENTER EOOD never left its original office at 14 Graf Ignatiev St..

No other translation firm in Bulgaria has operated out of the same address for the last 23 years.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001 Sertificate

ISO 9001 Sertificate

Our Customers

Our Customers