REZON Translation and Legalization Center was licensed by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in 1991.



Simultaneous interpreting means translating WHILE someone is speaking. It requires specialized equipment such as translator booths, microphones, headphones etc. The high level of stress and responsibility that comes from the lack of direct interface between the speaker and the interpreter requires a team of two interpreters. Prices are set on a day basis and cover the entire team.


n consecutive interpreting the speaker makes regular stops to allow the interpreter to translate. If the speaker has spoken for five minutes for example, he should allow five minutes for the interpreter to translate what has been said. No special equipment is required. Rates are charged per hour for one or two interpreters depending on the nature of the meeting.


Our assistance service is not just about translation. It is about helping our clients communicate, shop, travel or check foreign nationals in hotels and/or provide other types of assistance in situations where local knowledge and language proficiency are a must. Rates are hourly and cover the services of the translator only.

We charge based on the time our translator has been at your service irrespective of whether or not he has had to perform any actual translation.

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ISO 9001 Sertificate

ISO 9001 Sertificate

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Our Customers